Dear Couchsurfers,

You’re so many to request my couch every week. However, I can’t host everybody in my little parisian flat even if you all seem to me very sympathic ! So, I decided to give you some good directions & addresses to have a nice trip in Paris.

Itinerary 1 – « Descente des Champs Elysées » / 4-5h
Exit at the Metro Station « Charles De Gaulle Etoile »

A. Climb on the Triumph Arc to see the beautiful perspective of the Avenue.
B. Stop at « Ladurée » to eat some macarons (french cakes). Don’t hesitate to enter on the stores, there are a lot of special exhibitions everyday.
C. Reserve your ticket to see special exhibition at « Le Grand Palais » and observe its wonderful roof made of glass and steel.
D. Visit the « Invalides » where Napoleon is buried.
E. Look at the front of the National Assemblee.
F. You’re now at the end of the Avenue. Look at the perspective and the impressive obelisk.
G. Cross the garden, order an icecream, take a seat … chill out !
F. Look at the Pyramid and the Galleries of Le Louvre

Next Step ?
Take the Subway to « Trocadero » (line 9) to see the Eiffel Tower.

Itinerary 2 – Historical Center / 4-5h

Exit at the Metro Station « Les Halles »

A. Chill out in the park
B. Enter in the « Centre Pompidou » (Museum of Modern Art)
C. Look at the front of the City Hall
D. « Place du Chatelet »
E. Cross the River and look at the old prison (« La Conciergerie ») and the Justice Court
F. Enter the cathedral of Notre Dame. You can climb the stairs of the towers.
G. Get lost in the little streets of « Saint Michel » with a lot of touristic restaurants. Stop at the fountain.
H. Chill out in one of the biggest park of Paris
I. Pantheon – an historical monument where famous people (Victor Hugo, Gambetta, etc.) are buried.
J. Order the best icecream of Paris (Berthillion).
K. A lot of funny & luxury stores
L. « La Bastille » was a symbol of the french revolution
M. Finish your walk in bars & restaurants of the quarter.

Itinerary 3 – Montmartre & Pigalle / 2h.

Exit at the Metro Station « Blanche »

A. Start in front of the « Moulin Rouge »
B. Walk on the quarter of the movie « Amelie Poulain » (eventually take a coffee in the bar « Les Deux Moulins » as in the movie)
C. Stop in front of the little house « Le Bateau Lavoir » where Modigliani, Picasso, Gauguin, Brancusi… lived.
D. Look at the little cabaret « Le lapin agile »
E. Then come back to the famous « Place du tertre », look at the stairs « Rue du Calvaire »
F. A beautiful sightseeing of Paris from the front of « Le Sacré Coeur »
G. Walk through the park
H. Finish the walk on the avenue and look at the sex shops, the erotism museum and other funny stuffs ! 🙂

Itinerary n°4 – My favorite one !

« Covered passages » of Paris are commercial alleyways between building that host numerous shops. Mostly built during the 19th century they protected from the rain the well-off customers. Now they shelter restaurants, bars, second-hand bookstores, art & photo galleries. You’ll discover Paris through a different and eccentric eye ! This itinerary is definitely my favorite one !


Afficher Bars & Restaurants sur une carte plus grande

– L’international : Folk & Pop music everyday. A very busy place but so cool to meet french young people !
– UFO : You like beer and alternative rock music ? This place is for you !
– L’Orange Mécanique : Alternative rock music bar.
– Culture Rapide : Bohemian ambiance & Open Mic everyday. Tell a poem on the stage and win free drinks !
– La Flèche d’Or : Wonderful place (old train station) with concerts and DJ sets everyday
– Le Point Ephémère : hip hop & electro concerts, street art exhibition during all the night. Wonderful place on the banks of « St Martin » channel
– L’Entracte : traditionnal french bar. So cheap…
– Le Tagada Bar : traditionnal french bar. You can also eat french specialities.
– Le Rendez-vous des Amis : Busy bar with a lot of french people.
– Le Motel : Pop music & cheap cocktails. The bar is an old prostitution house ! 🙂
– Les Disquaires : A place with pop/rock concerts everyday
– La Mécanique Ondulatoire : the best place to drink a beer and listen to alternative music. Going Underground !
– The Lions : the couchsurfing headquarter in Paris
– James Hetfeeld’s Pub : Rock / Dubstep ambiance. A good place to meet people / foreigners.
– Mauri7 : a busy bar to end your night of trouble ! The street is full of people and cheap bars that close at 2am.
– Prohibido : Small and busy cuban bar.
– Chez Prune : Trendy bar in front of « Canal St Martin »

– Le Tiffin : A very tasty Indian Fast Food (<10€) - Passage Brady : several indian restaurants (<15€) - Tintin, rue Louis Bonnet : awesome vietnamese food. Order a "Pho" or "Bo bun" (<10€) - Dédé la Frite : Belgium bar / restaurant. Good french fries. (10-15€) - Rue Saint Anne : The "japanese quarter". Just look at the queue in front of the japanese restaurants to find the best one. - Empire Céleste : traditionnal chinese restaurant near the Panthéon & Luxembourg park (menu : 11€) - Kezako : Spanish restaurant. Good tapas & wine (<15€) - Le Barav : Wine bar & french food (15-20€) - Le Vin qui chante : Wine bar & tasty french food (20-25€) - Les Philosophes : Wine bar & french food (20-30€) - La Laiterie Sainte Clothilde : french food (~15€) - Le Louchebem : meat restaurant & traditional french meals with good wine (~25€) - Chez Chartier : Traditionnal French Food. However, it's always overbooked. Try to reserve your table few days before (15-20€)